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Red Bomb – Whiplash

Red Bomb Dinle

Red Bomb Şarkı Sözleri

Night falls and she’s out there walking the street

Hiding sking to dog the blue coats on the beat

The heat is on her tail tonight like never before

Down on twenty seventh street where she breaks the law

She bares her body to entice

Another john to pay the price

She earns her living on her back

Her legs spread wide apart forevermore

Moonlight’s staring down at red bomb from above

Tonight there will be no sex there’ll be no lust

Never doubt at any time she’s worth the fee

If you lay your money down then you’ll agree

Once she’s in your sight long legs and red hair strike your appetite

Time that you lock eyes with the red bomb try her on for size

You’ll do what you want, take what you will cause she’s no cheap thrill

Hand over your cash for the right price she’ll give you the gash.

Last Man Alive – Whiplash

Last Man Alive Dinle

Last Man Alive Şarkı Sözleri

Take a look to the sky for your pot of gold

You can hear every cloud story to be told

Listen close what is this

Not bird or plane

Could it be the H bomb fucking with your brain

Even if you’d seen it you never would believe it

Even in your sleep you would never dream it

The bomb is falling fast nothing’s going to stop it

How will you know that you’re the last man alive

All it takes just one touch over one, two, three

With a flick of a switch turn on World War 3

With a flash there will be no one left alive

Search the earth just to find worldwide homicide

Metal mass cuts the wind whistling through its course

Suddenly crashing down hits the ground full force

Aims to kill one and all bursting into flames

Only you’re left alive no one left to blame.

Message In Blood – Whiplash

Message In Blood Dinle

Message In Blood Şarkı Sözleri

Black act of injustice brought by the wizard of evil

Cast death and corruption who left the message in blood?

Death reign cleanse the earth it’s the ageless night

The world’s end is near wrong outnumbers right

What’s left helter skelter look read between the lines

Can you find a meaning to these sinister crimes?

Warmonger – Whiplash

Warmonger Dinle

Warmonger Şarkı Sözleri

Lurking in the astral skies lust, power, greed, hate

Leader of the fighting force face of black fate

2100 A.D. at this man’s will

Powerthrashing death brigade regroups to kill

Can’t just ignore what’s right bow to the powerlord


Bombs are falling from above death metal storm

Dogfight of the modern day starwars take form

Starships shooting in and out amazing grace

To each man a battlestar chasing through space

Obeying every order heard brainwashed by their leader’s word

Kamikaze warriors aim for the sun

Taking off for outer space four, three, two, one

Retrorockets activate lifting the craft

Final sound the fighters hear warmonger laugh

All the troops have died at war bow to the powerlord


Power Thrashing Death – Whiplash

Power Thrashing Death Dinle

Power Thrashing Death Şarkı Sözleri

Inject it into the blood directly into the vein

Metal assault on the ear feeling it flow to the brain

It can get under the skin the power metal syringe

It puts an end to all pain another headbanger singed

Breathe the metal in the air feel power everywhere

Taste, here’s a double dose to take a fix of power thrashing death

Scream at the top of your lungs it’s time to let yourself go

There is no lesson to learn get up, get into the show

The power to satisfy those who react to high speed

There is no secret to hide metal is all that you need.

Stirring The Cauldron – Whiplash

Stirring The Cauldron Dinle

Stirring The Cauldron Şarkı Sözleri

The moon is full one dark evil night

A blood curdling chill perilous fight

The fog is thick the clouds set in

A twist of fate a night of sin

The howl of the wolf a dark evil power

Creeps down your spine it’s the witching hour

The minute you fall to the hands of the flame

Evil will take its course, it’s all over

The wicked witch’s mission is through

Once the bubbling brew has tasted you

The eye of newt and fang of bat

A pinch of this a pinch of that

An odor lurks from burning skin

The spice of life the cauldron will win

The chanting is done devour your stew

Just don’t turn your eyes or it’ll devour you.

Spit On Your Grave – Whiplash

Spit On Your Grave Dinle

Spit On Your Grave Şarkı Sözleri

Ruthless and evil lies that deceive

Meaningless virtues knee deep in greed

I am the master with the iron fist

I am the master no one knows exists

I am the master I’ll take your life

I am the master I’ll spit on your grave

Taking advantage guilty as sin

And into the cauldron where no one can win

Thrown down and stepped on and knifed in the back

Civilization is under attack.

Nailed To The Cross – Whiplash

Nailed To The Cross Dinle

Nailed To The Cross Şarkı Sözleri

With an evil life comes an evil fate

Only a question of time to open the gate

It’s a fact that you’re going to die

By tomorrow you’ll be crucified

Nailed on, nailed to the cross

Nailed on, nailed to the cross

You stand erect no life left

Your soul’s been robbed lucifer’s theft

Consciousness loneliness at the top

Must confess but it’s too late for them to stop

A frowning face falls from out of the sky

Spitting blood head of a demon from hell

And you’re left without a soul to sell

Double cross, eternity in hell

Nailed on, nailed to the cross

Nailed on, nailed to the

You know that you’re dead when you’re nailed to the cross…

Walk The Plank – Whiplash

Walk The Plank Dinle

Walk The Plank Şarkı Sözleri

Ship has set sail, sea will prevail

Swallow the slaughter, drink the salt water

Pawn of the power, sea will devour

Infinite day, awaiting the hour


Walk the plank

Walk the plank

Trid ball and chain, infliction of pain

Vulture’s arise, death in their eyes

Under the gun, food supply none

Knife in the back, nowhere to run

[Repeat chorus]


All hope is lost been double crossed

Legion of death steal your last breath

The trechery of muting, lightning and thunder

Make the mind wander

Water’s infected, captain’s arrested

Sharks in the water, body’s injected.

Last Nail In The Coffin – Whiplash

Last Nail In The Coffin Dinle

Last Nail In The Coffin Şarkı Sözleri

Without one breath of life from the coffin

The body begins to arise

It’s rotted skin smelling of death

A hand of bones creeps from inside

Emerging with two glowing eyes

These eyes are forever hypnotizing

Burning your very soul

Passionate, painless, paralyzing

They’re gonna turn your blood cold

These eyes will forever hypnotize you

They’ll turn around and they’ll blind you

Evil inside those eyes.