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Buffalo – İhtiyaç Molası

Buffalo Dinle

Buffalo Şarkı Sözleri

Buffalo comes out during the wedding

The wedding of the monkey schoolgirl

Fading through her new home

Buffalo stands there gazing

At the ingredients of coco

And emptying all the bottles

Now the orchestra playing

The new couple and the guests are dancing

There’s something wrong that nobody knows

Even buffalo can’t realise the sound goes

The orchestra can’t playing the other men’s song

There’s nothing from them all they do is to

Fly with the oldies

They fly with the oldies

I can’t believe it

There’s nothing to do, so it’s all up to you

There’s nothing from us, well that’s hell above

Take it take it joe joe, it comes

With the moonchild throwing

Throwing the pictures of wedding

Buffalo stands next to father and mother

Smiling and thinking it will be good further

Everything’s good and everything’s normal

There is no sound of orchestra at all