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Let’s Never Go To Sleep – Action Action

Let’s Never Go To Sleep Dinle

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Alone again, sociable

Just a walking contradiction for the diction to beat

I’m so dumb, so very numb

I can’t tell who, why, or what i’ve already done

Incomplete, did you get any sleep?

A photocopy of a copy of a copy just leaked

Stuck in this room, stuck in your dreams

One, two, three, fourteen times a day

Can you see, you remind me of

How i use to be

Let’s say goodbye to our maybes

Incomplete, just a texture of

How life really is

And it seems to feel so real

Eys wide shut, faded to white

A little conversation never seemed to stray this far

Ignore my thoughts, is that blood on your sleeve

A needle dropped inside my basket of great, great ideas

Susceptible, open and bare

Going under in the seven seas of long blank stares

Your so damn it, i’m so damn hot

Let’s burn it out, and be forgotten forever and out

Time and circles, it’s the way we are

Held by the legions of our alcohol

Bound to the faintness of an hour glass

Open boxcutter, empty cigarette

The meaning of life will come in a dream

This is why we must never go to sleep

Confined to our habits, rinse, wash, repeat

Open boxcutter, empty cigarette

Bleed – Action Action

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You’re not listening, so why should i talk to you

Why should i understand, why should i follow through

Out of luck

Out of time

Out of hopelessnes

And sleepless nights ahead

Not asking for this strange situation

Not asking for this trite vaccination

Not asking for this genius complication

Are you loving

Or leaving

Or lying

Or dying away

(i’ve got to get the hell out of here,

Get my shit off the ground, knock this place down.

So far, far away, i just bleed…don’t ask me to repeat…)

Photograph – Action Action

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Pretty darling, stop running down my street

The tears are dropping like a nuclear meltdown

I never meant to let it come to this

Can we blame it on timing not chemistry

All night long, i’ll sing the same somber song

Attack my decisions, and the horse they road on

Everything seems to be less that zero

A mascara hero with a heart of zinc

I never should have kissed…

I never should have…

And i never should have kissed those lips before

I never should’ve let you out my door

But now i’m stuck with your photograph

The words you chant, i never thought they’d

Be so true, dancing in my head

So pause this moment, till we meet in our next life:

A black tabby housecat, a bottle of xanax

All night long is one repeated love song

When have i became this tree

Till we meet in our brand new world

I’ll count the rings, if you tie a string

Oh – Action Action

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It’s Just Chemical FrustrationThe time is now, and Im running so thin, I got thin, I got thin, while others got fat. So fatten up, and

deliver your secrets, those secrets, those stories untold. Sorry say that love is a game, we’re all just

pawns in the way. Lost, lost, lost, move the rook-E-eight, eliminate and get this game underway. Too many

secrets are shattering our lives, while others are stuck in expansive time. I’ve been tring to get out of

this goddamn fucking game. So back it up and up to down, down, downtown, don’t you tell me wrong. Choose

your battle of words, that rule the world, it’s in our heads anyway. Speak of the devil, and I just may

appear, I appeared in your dream, when you dreamed of getting ahead. Headless chickens that are missing

their exes, so axe this and go to the next, next chapter. Self serve friends, who are friends for a

second, I second that notation, it feels so intense? Intensely fishing without a hook, line, and sinker, I

sank to bottom, we’ll bottoms up to you. Please inject some instand karma in to my instant coffee. Soon,

soon, soon, with the rope in the kitchen, all the answers will be on there way. Which shall I be, a

warlock or a priest, a pagan, christian or an evangelist? Pledge my alliance in the name of science,

follow the moth into the fire. Getting my head in a bit twist. What does it mattter when your enemies are

my friends?

A Tornado ; An Owl – Action Action

A Tornado ; An Owl Dinle

A Tornado ; An Owl Şarkı Sözleri

Take what you’ve got, take comfort, in that everything you know, or seen will soon be a non existent dot.

Who’ll save the world that claims there is no saving? An illusion or delusion of grandeur. Half of what I

say is bliss, the other half is meaningless. Comfortable lines. Wating for the clock to heal us. Lost and

found, but neer touched. Another beating heart is lost: Interesting lies. Waiting for the clock to heal us.

Alone in our rooms, miserable, a tornado or an owl, come back and isolate the balance. Nothing is

real; your heart on your sleeve, just another lie, transcend the pride, oh the chemicals. Take your time,

nothingness is something and something is nothing.

Paper Cliché – Action Action

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I to want take my head and cut it open extra wide. Want to examine oh the thoughts that seem to cricle

inside. Electrocute my thoughts or put my self on stand by. I’m so over, I’m so over…Let’s open up the

sky and let the clichés pour. Everything has been executed better before. 8-bit Fantasies, I’m yesterday’s

technology. Follow the leader, jump off with me. The wine is dripping with the blood off of my finger

tips. The mitochodrion are revolting, please take care off it. Carnivorous cells are winning against your

cancer lips. So come over so come over…Oh my god, I want to tear you apart. I am walking but I’m still

asleep. Oh my lord, this is blasphemy. Wake me up before I fall too deep. I wish I had an original thought

inside my skull. Everything has been done a million times before. My dream sequence has become my life or

so it seems. All my friends are dead, in a perfect scene. Oh my god, I want to tear you apart. I am

walking but I’m still asleep. Oh my lord, this is blasphemy. Wake me up before I fall too deep. In too

deep. Oblivious and numb. I want hurt you, but I can’t cut you fast enough. The ink is dripping, and my

letter has become a mess. I want to hate you, but hate is love, just reversed. Why do we talk about things

that we loathe the most?

120 Ways To Kill You : An Illustrated Children’s B – Action Action

120 Ways To Kill You : An Illustrated Children’s B Dinle

120 Ways To Kill You : An Illustrated Children’s B Şarkı Sözleri

Wait, I really don’t have the gots for this, it must have been abstracted with my appendix, or maybe it

grows with my wisdom teeth. Wait, it might be such a stretch, it’s not my fault legally, I’ll dial the

doctors now, you’re right I never was a man for the law. Please don’t walk away in defeat. Wait, I haven’t

lost my courage on the rocks, I haven’t quite found the words to use. I’m not sure they make the cards to

break this ice. Wait; Please wait until our socks are bitterly soaked, until we have to roll up our pants,

until the giraffes flee to row boats. Please don’t walk away in anger darling, exit gracefully like the

evening’s sunset, enter the scene starting with a dial tone, tightrope over these razorblade

complications. Cutting myself, almost everyday, let it feel so real, let me taste the pain. One day we’ll

live in igloos on the Galapagos, ’till then let’s remember the Atlantic air in-between our hands…The

worms are moving, the grass is growing, flowers are blooming, the leaves are dropping, the birds are

chirping, clouds are forming, the sun is burning, self medication never ends…I taught you how to hate,

you taught me how to love too. This is how I lost my mind on you. This is our final dance, you taught me

how to love and I taught you how to hate; everything is based off of you. Isn’t it funny how we lost

control, or how I lost my mind on you?

What Temperature Does Air Freeze At? – Action Action

What Temperature Does Air Freeze At? Dinle

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And we’ll float to the end, where the oceans do bends, and we’ll fly away.

And we’ll shine on through, through the summer sky so blue, and we’ll drift away.

We wake at ten and start out lives again, it’s another day.

Together in a room, where the wall flowers bloom, it’s a marigold way.

And we’ll stare at the sun, while the sound and shapes run up the chimney.

We will drive in the clouds, trampoline up and down to our symphony.

The Other 90% Of The Iceberg – Action Action

The Other 90% Of The Iceberg Dinle

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Take the needle out, enjoy the drip.

Fill your head with lies, from your fingertips.

And you can’t swallow all your problems, they float, float up to hunt you.

It’s time for you to choose your conscience or the chemicals.

Caught in a dream disguise; happiness is real.

A snake, the knife, the candle, hold what’s close to us.

A cave, that box, a tunnel, is our trust a must?

Our irrational manifestations, please decode the dosage.

Do we dream to solve the puzzle or dream to make them up?

Be careful what you wish for…

Analogue Logic – Action Action

Analogue Logic Dinle

Analogue Logic Şarkı Sözleri

We are the locust;

Annihilate your redemption.

We are clever, clever lines,

But the science is in the time,

Of the delivery,

Spaced in sporadic time.

If you jump in,

I will jump in too.

Who will save your soul?

If you strike the match,

Then I’ll let it shower over you,

Drink down the chemicals.

I am the future,

Am the scene,

I am the logic,

I am the dream.

Flying on borrowed wings.

Build it up,

Just sit back and relax,

Burn away.

Flying on borrowed wings.

(We are just shadows,

Take advantage of this ego trip.

Let’s dream to make our movies,

Lets make our movies of our dreams.

Starring in our own little scripts,

Just take advantage of this ego trip.

Who would play your role,

An intelligent unknown?

Or an up and comer?

Or a blockbust hero?)

I am the fever,

Just expired on the inside,

And I am itching for the trigger,

Or I am waiting to detonate all over you,

Please, please, you decide.

Time is the dark spot on all of our lungs,

Salvation, or defecation?

I am your church, your science, your imaginary savior.

All hail the game of chance!

I am the future,

Am the scene,

I am the logic,

I am the dream.

Flying on borrowed wings.

Build it up,

Just sit back and relax,

Burn away.

Flying on borrowed wings.

This is the worst trip,

This is the worst trip,

This is emergency,

So go, go, go, go,

Back and get it. [x6]