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Retention – Labrat

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I’m dazed and contused alone now feeling confused one more time

I’m fucked up animosity has been struck up

You were supposed to be my friends this not so good thing how it ends

There is no way to make amends forced to my knees – I’m screaming

Beat down and raised up piss half fills the loving cup

Our bonding now breaking been giving – now I’m taking

Tried hard to be the best I could brought home with violence how good

Acting only as told I should again I’m down and bleeding this pattern

repeats – spiralling around me

Spiralling round me – this pattern repeats.

Respect – no way man I’m bored it’s out of hand

The time has come to close the door I just can’t take this anymore

You’re anal and you make me sick so get the fuck right off my dick

You filthy dirty lying whores I just can’t take this any fucking more

I’m lonely and I’ve drawn a blank worked so hard with no thanks

Push through dirt to find the way out left alone in the house of doubt

The face that looks at me is dead killed by the bad things in my head

Push me again if you dare I’m past the point of pretending to care

I’m starting to wonder what friends are for.