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Diary Of A Piss Drinker – Labrat

Diary Of A Piss Drinker Dinle

Diary Of A Piss Drinker Şarkı Sözleri

Left alone – with fingers bleeding

Try to claw – something worth keeping

On my knees – and bleeding

And you just don’t give a fuck

A new betrayal – fucked hard again

Stripped to bone – by one more set of friends

Tear it down – no feelings of shame

Set up to be knocked down again

You have

No morals



I hate you

Kill you if I

Wasn’t gutless

Foul taste

Of piss

In my throat from you

And I invited you in

I fucking let you in

I stare into the mirror – clutching pride

Eyes tell the truth – I cannot hide

Another piece of me – has dropped and died

And now I lie here crippled by my life

Pride and sense of worth in a world of hurt

Are falling off me – and I can’t get them back

Try to fight and love to hate – I build a wall

Against my will to protect from another attack

>From the endless queues of bitter shits

Who wait in line with spikes and knives

With evidence and opinions of what I am

They don’t know me and I do not even like them… cunts

Father Son And Holy Goat – Labrat

Father Son And Holy Goat Dinle

Father Son And Holy Goat Şarkı Sözleri

Question myself till I bleed

Will I live to spoil another day

The answers lost in mud

I won’t if it goes on this way

And what if you discovered that

I could not give a fuck

Would you crumble, start to fall

Just like I have a hundred times before

Blacken my face

Distort my features

I’ll be no-one soon

I was told to bank on 70

22′s been hard enough

Search for a space to hide in

The life I have’s too much

Feeble-minded, fickle and worthless

Sickened by my blind incompetence

Can’t even pay the rent

And I can’t see a way out

Blacken my face

Distort my features

alone – on my own – I fight but I will not win

I have been wrong – misled – and now I feel dead

Put in goal for the millionth time

Not a scratch on anyone else

Fuck you – can’t even erase my self

I don’t want to be here – living with fear

So whilst I hunt for the exit – keep the fuck out of my way

And you should know by now no one fucking hurts you like you hurt yourself

Submission hold around my throat

Father, son and holy goat.

Retention – Labrat

Retention Dinle

Retention Şarkı Sözleri

I’m dazed and contused alone now feeling confused one more time

I’m fucked up animosity has been struck up

You were supposed to be my friends this not so good thing how it ends

There is no way to make amends forced to my knees – I’m screaming

Beat down and raised up piss half fills the loving cup

Our bonding now breaking been giving – now I’m taking

Tried hard to be the best I could brought home with violence how good

Acting only as told I should again I’m down and bleeding this pattern

repeats – spiralling around me

Spiralling round me – this pattern repeats.

Respect – no way man I’m bored it’s out of hand

The time has come to close the door I just can’t take this anymore

You’re anal and you make me sick so get the fuck right off my dick

You filthy dirty lying whores I just can’t take this any fucking more

I’m lonely and I’ve drawn a blank worked so hard with no thanks

Push through dirt to find the way out left alone in the house of doubt

The face that looks at me is dead killed by the bad things in my head

Push me again if you dare I’m past the point of pretending to care

I’m starting to wonder what friends are for.

Rest Among The Silt – Labrat

Rest Among The Silt Dinle

Rest Among The Silt Şarkı Sözleri

When it’s dark and I’m alone I cry for peace but they won’t go.

And this is killing me but I can never let you know

It’s more than I can take, I sink – I drown – I cannot float

And they keep pushing me the rope constricts my fucking throat again…

You don’t know what it’s like if you did you’d never want me

To be there – And if I made you understand, you’d have

it an you’d BE IN THIS MESS!!!

Dragged down to rest among the silt, I cannot breathe it’s?

Instant Karma – Labrat

Instant Karma Dinle

Instant Karma Şarkı Sözleri

Down on your knees you cry for help

Unleashed the rage, no reprieve

What you’ve done is coming back around

Instant karma, appropriate I believe

Laugh out loud I beat you harder

Both hands broken you can’t fight back

For years you tried to break me

Turned round no fists my odds are stacked

Strapped and abused in misery

Chewed up pissed on cast aside

No place for me in your plan for life

Learned through time to depend on you

And you ask me why I’m bitter

Placed you on a pedestal and fell

Outstayed my welcome once again

Your actions unacceptable

And you ask me why I’m bitter

Two’s company, three’s a crowd

Time for me, disallowed

Beaten fucked up it feels so sweet

Justice served for what you’ve done

Left now taped up in your defeat

Your time for repent is nigh, scum

And I see you smiling now

And you ask me why I’m bitter

You know I really used to like you don’t you?

Consciousness slips away over time

You know I really used to like you…

Clint Eastwood Is Very Hard – Labrat

Clint Eastwood Is Very Hard Dinle

Clint Eastwood Is Very Hard Şarkı Sözleri

I am an asexual god

The self breeding mother of hate

Or maybe that’s just how I feel

I reflect what I receive every day

In my world so full of lies

I reflect the pain I suffer every time

I spit out your filthy ugly name

It seems you radiate the sun

Inside you were hit with the ugly stick

I never ever felt more dead

Than when I got inside you

This extension of my hand

Will rid us all of shit like you

Could take your head clean off your neck

If I fucking wanted it too

Bad men will speak my name in fear

Cower back from Callaghan

Enforce the feelings I believe

Cos I’m the mother-fucking man

Cower back in fear.

Merrick Sympathiser – Labrat

Merrick Sympathiser Dinle

Merrick Sympathiser Şarkı Sözleri

It starts right now

Stake my claim for the throne of incompetence

Come last at everything – every time

I have failed at all I have attempted

Childhood goals tipped and up-ended

And you just look at me and say I fucking told you so

You’re not the king of me I’m the king of me

So why do I still beg for your attention

My name remains a filthy word unfit for you to mention

I’m fucking shit, I’m really sick

I cannot cope, I don’t think I can put up with it

Here we go again – headlong into another scene

I put hands over my eyes and try to hide

It never changes, I’ve never lived up to your expectations

I am the cancer in your life – I am a burden

And all the times I tried my best, it’s never good enough

Cause every time I fail the tests – I’m just not good enough

Too fucking stupid, too fucking dull

I can never live up to what you want from me

I’ve only just begun to find my feet

And you kick them right out from under me

I can’t compete, this isn’t fair I’m the circle that cannot fit the square

Lying awake, cannot sleep

Play over in my mind all that you’ve done to me

I smile outside – inside I’m screaming

And silently – in my mind I’ll always be your enemy I am your enemy.

Phuelled By Farmiceuticals – Labrat

Phuelled By Farmiceuticals Dinle

Phuelled By Farmiceuticals Şarkı Sözleri

You cannot touch me

Will never feel me

I’ll lock myself in a shell of shame

So you can never know me

Been bitten by your type before

Opened up and let you into me

Paint myself a new way just for you

Protect me

And I never begged

Never ever pleaded

Fought tooth and nail for

Anything I ever needed

Good morning, It’s a new day

I think I’ll just be on my own

This isolation makes me secure

Effect of words my major bone

Dishonesty from a mouth I once liked

Eyes wide a boy int?

By this connection he may never have again

Gripped till he couldn’t then he slipped

Friends are nice but few really care

Reflection all around me

I’m volatile.