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Third World Genocide – Nuclear Assault

Third World Genocide Dinle

Third World Genocide Şarkı Sözleri

They come to rule and not by chance

Aided by a bloodied lance

No elections needed here

Such things mundane are not their way

A thousand rivals lying dead

And their families starved, decayed

No relief by foreign aid

A poisoned dagger is their way

Government by those who kill

And then collect from U.N. tills

They live on aid and ask for more

When all it does is pay for way

So carefree

Your killing spree

I must be blind I can’t see

Tell me what is human life worth

The skies cry bloody tears.

Price Of Freedom – Nuclear Assault

Price Of Freedom Dinle

Price Of Freedom Şarkı Sözleri

Find a maddened hypocritic holy man to heed

Hear only the words that you want to

Deny that you are led by a psychotic need

To destroy anything that offends you

Pay the price of freedom

Leave three thousand lying dead upon our streets

Use our freedoms to strike at our core

Rejoice in the results of your desperate killing spree

Object when we react will all out war

As warplanes fly above

And tanks roll through your flattened homes

You wonder how you could be so misled

Hear survivors grieve

And listen to the wounded moan

Next time try a peaveful approach instead.

Human Wreckage – Nuclear Assault

Human Wreckage Dinle

Human Wreckage Şarkı Sözleri

Across the globe hatreds stir the beast within

Another war for holy causes seems a sin

Letting loose hate your book says to abhor

I don’t think your god approves of holy war

All these religions they say don’t kill

But they’ve shed more blood and made more victims

In a world led by god’s bigoted fools

An endless stream of martyrs charging to their doom

So in seven days god created all things

And on the eighth man was killing in his name

Tell the god what did you have in mind

When you let man turn against his own kind

Holy man or holy terror who can choose

Saving souls by killing what a sad misuse

The prophet’s words are written now in blood red

And all his flock are killing until they are dead

Any injustice they have suffered is erased

By the blood of hapless victims they have shed

Led by those intent on hatred war and sin

Justified by twisting holy words intent.

Living Hell – Nuclear Assault

Living Hell Dinle

Living Hell Şarkı Sözleri

Taking in all I can see

I can’t see what’s ahead and I don’t want to see what’s lying behind

No way out and no way to stay

My reason is blind my reason is blind yeah

Always claim the road revenge

But the cry for vengeance only seems to lead to spilling more blood

Who can say how it began

What really counts is that nobody can say how it will end

You live in hell – you create hell

I ask you why, you say – I don’t know

All your brooks they speak of peace

But, murder and death seem to be the only things you want done

Must be something out of Kafka’s dreams

A never ending cycle of blood

Making men killing machines

Whose only goal is to add to the rising body count

You claim to kill in the name of god

For a god of peace he seems to revel in the seasons of blood

Never think about the end it is easier to hate than to live on in peace

Unleashed a violent rage

You don’t seem to mind and you don’t seem to need a good reason why

Looking for someone to hate

I see these lives I see to many lives wasted this way

All your leaders they are the same

Now one seeks peace not one seeks peace.

Whine And Cheese – Nuclear Assault

Whine And Cheese Dinle

Whine And Cheese Şarkı Sözleri

Don’t do sports, can’t get girls

It seems like such an unfair world

My friends play online D&D

We are the ones that people call geeks

I’m going to sit here and whine

I’m going to whine about how my life stinks

I’m going to whine all day long

I’m going to sit here and whine

I’m going to whine about how my life stinks

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

We sit around, complain

Whining away all our days

Just don’t like anything

I’m just too anal-retentive

I’m just an object of pity

Why can’t the world change to fit me

Maybe I wouldn’t be an outcast

If I’d drop the attitude at last.

Defiled Innocence – Nuclear Assault

Defiled Innocence Dinle

Defiled Innocence Şarkı Sözleri

A nightmare rises from the holy places

Daring to sin against it’s ways

An evil impulse rises to the fore

And deadly silence from those above

Bow down on your knees

Who is his man before us

Predator of innocence

Wrapped in the robes of the church

Sick men destroying lives

And silence from the prelates

Shuffled from state to state

Moving abomination

Another proof your god is a dead word

When it comes to those who claim to serve

When suffering countenanced is the way

What does it mean when bishops say amen

Now the victims breaking their silence

Bishops and Cardinals are keeping theirs

Will money wash away all of the stains

That these men have brought to Church’s state.

Exoskeletal – Nuclear Assault

Exoskeletal Dinle

Exoskeletal Şarkı Sözleri

Building wealth on the backs of the poor

Making deals is sleazy smoke rooms

Politicians living feathered beds

Turn around and tax us to our deaths

We’re living in a slave state

The left and right working in tune

Making sure they’re the only two

Sharing power corruption greed and wealth

Keeping it all held highly to their chests

Children smuggling guns into their schools

Teachers barred from enforcing any rules

Liars causing racial conflict wars

And the poor set firmly in their line.

Discharged Reason – Nuclear Assault

Discharged Reason Dinle

Discharged Reason Şarkı Sözleri

You always talk about yourself in contradictions

Stuck in recking and verbal consciousness distinction

Help yourself and try to rationalize

The keys to change are held within your mind

Back where we’ve started from lost in concentration

You’ve got to stop and open up your eyes

You tell me which side of the fight the guilt’s on

I’ll tell you which side you’ll find me on

Tell me everything that’s wrong with your life

Is my fault because I’m white

I don’t buy into this assumed fault

Of slavery’s wrongs clayed at my door

Screw your lawsuits forty acres and your mule

If you think I owe towards that you are such the fool

Stop blaming everything on discrimination

And take a long hard close look at yourself

Waste your time playing blame the man games

Get off your ass’s and get yourself in the game

This isn’t racism at it’s ugly worst

It’s asking what you’ve done to help yourself first.

Fractured Minds – Nuclear Assault

Fractured Minds Dinle

Fractured Minds Şarkı Sözleri

A state of mind, mine is most unkind

Another here is sharing my space

Locked within this same human skin

Another voice is sharing my throat

We are here stuck inside this head

Taking turns wondering who is real

This is not a future or a life

Another day don’t tell me it’s a page

When everyday the book is not the same

My life a series of snapshots

But never once is the order the same

One voice here inside my head

How long will it be the same

Another lie made unto myself

Play the game according to whose rules?

Tell me you’ll relieve me of my sins

And leave me whole but not the same

Taking one chosen from the rest

Tell me how does he pass your test

Fractured minds, relieve me of their pain

What am I, don’t leave us for the dead

A state of mind I have more of these

Don’t say that I’m just a disease.