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Fortress Of Desperation – Holy Moses

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Thou the fortress of desperation

May plunge you into doubts

You shall not fear to stride

Across my bridge of inner strength

Is it well worth the price?

they have taken all you gave

In my life I perceived

You haven’t seen the light of day

And what you see in your face

It’s distrated can’t you tell

Let me help you all to see

Take the trail it’s just for you

I will live in the world

I will get no amnesty

But my resistance will be burst

It seems I lost your way

Look away keep no restraint

You can’t control my own destiny

You have you won reality

On the trail I close the gap

You find it hard to believe

I stand alone await your return

Then we can fight together

Restraint is dissolved just in time.

Criminal Assault – Holy Moses

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My dream with open eyes is to see you standing giant in my hand

I feel you touch my body and your giant fears the early shot

You and he confuse me so my brain is going to burst in two

I’m burning like fire to be your slave an keep you satisfied

Can’t you see I give my heart start makin’ love

One chance is all you get to take me to the limit of lust

Illusion takes me high your breath embrace my neck

I think you are on a mission to abuse me I exploit

I’m not your lover girl

You can’t violate me

Start to satisfy me

Get your peak

Believin’in a better day, I was your slave

All tomorrows are yesterdays satisfy yourself

You want to control now you must pay and I free myself

What I felt for you last night

Was dying with the morning light

Illusions takes me high

I’m undaunted I don’t cry

Love rules over hate

You’re not indestructible

Reality suffocates

I’ll blow up your eggs

Take the excuse for your fate

I process you to minced meat

I’m praying for your execution

I’m hunger for your blood.

Six Fat Women – Holy Moses

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Sun is burning on the sky – glowing sand, surfriding time

Sex lewd women, coming near, fast muddy navels standing high

On that prickley cactus there – two mosquitoes makin love in the heat

A man in sight his teeth are shining they kiss his heinie

Six fat women in the heat

Like living wracks it’s a heap of meat

Roaring noise biting ears – dolly cries the sky’s burning

Six fat froogys falling down the vulture’s lost his eggs.

Corroded Dreams – Holy Moses

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The sky’s turning slowly red – allowing no first boom

On the wall you see your head – leave you ripped an torn

Every night it’s just the same – a vast sadistic feast

Tormentor’s voice is calling your name

Resolved you piece by piece

Keep back your delight

Don’t conceal your fright

Tormentor’s face of death – bones and blood he needs

Until there is no more breath – fanatic eyes that bleed

Only death is in his mind – he’s got the force and power

He introduced you in his mind – he rules upon his tower

Keep back your delight

Don’t conceal your fright

This sorcery will never die

You hear that deadly cry

You chase yourself to survive

To save your holy lie

And when you kill just one of it

Another one will rise

You’re possessed by a devilish sorcery.

Rest In Pain – Holy Moses

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Revolution in their minds – could it be the end of time

Let the spirits guide the wind – coming for the kill

Won’t live my ancestor – kill just like a tormentor

Death is in the atmosphere – we live in hate and fear

Against the world of death

Proclaim the end of wrath

Against the world of death

Feast the wings of death

This must be the final act – when I see the virgin’s blood

I don’t see the hand of god – it’s the tune of sorrow

You have your inner throne – and that’s your crown of death

You have nothing here to gain – term of confusion and pain.

Military Service – Holy Moses

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Military Service Şarkı Sözleri

You’ll be loosing your life everywhere

Who said to you that you are on a right mission

Why don’t you think about it illusion takes you but how far

Your life is pain see it now

No hope for you, you are blind, you don’t see what you have done

What do you want to control, the third world was becomes reality

You won’t be a great soldier, you’ll be dead

Why do you work so fucking hard, to achieve your soldiers ideals

As a soldier in this world, you are the losers for the reigns

Road Crew

Enade teim on de rout

Enode kraisi haus ti swat

Go and gat as sam mor buhs

Dount tall mi sad eim on de luhs

Sam mor wiski wan mor smouk

Gat raddi drams and weiers

Torn it ap ju viel de spiid

Luck aut wie blou off jur had

It s for de routcru wi rack al ouwer ju

Its vor de routkru nau wi gone dwrinck wis ju

Insa schou and kraisi kitz

Hatbangos wis bliiding iers

Gools ar waiting biseit de track

Ei sink ist o gutt teim tu fag

It s for de routcru wi rack al ouwer ju

Its vor de routkru nau wi gone dwrinck wis ju.