Diary Of A Piss Drinker – Labrat

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Left alone – with fingers bleeding

Try to claw – something worth keeping

On my knees – and bleeding

And you just don’t give a fuck

A new betrayal – fucked hard again

Stripped to bone – by one more set of friends

Tear it down – no feelings of shame

Set up to be knocked down again

You have

No morals



I hate you

Kill you if I

Wasn’t gutless

Foul taste

Of piss

In my throat from you

And I invited you in

I fucking let you in

I stare into the mirror – clutching pride

Eyes tell the truth – I cannot hide

Another piece of me – has dropped and died

And now I lie here crippled by my life

Pride and sense of worth in a world of hurt

Are falling off me – and I can’t get them back

Try to fight and love to hate – I build a wall

Against my will to protect from another attack

>From the endless queues of bitter shits

Who wait in line with spikes and knives

With evidence and opinions of what I am

They don’t know me and I do not even like them… cunts